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Try These SEO Tips To Get Better Rankings For Your Website

The Google algorithm is constantly changing, so it’s vital to keep on top of your website’s SEO to avoid being left at the bottom of the pile. Use these tips to ensure that your customers are finding your website today. Speed up your site. This tip has nothing to do with keywords or any of […]

4 Social Media Predictions to Guide Your Marketing in 2017

Experts predict that by the year 2017 the number of social media network users will grow to 2.39 billion, which is almost the size of the China and India’s populations combined (2.6 billion). This means that the efficiency of social media marketing will increase further, and you need to make sure your strategy is adjusted […]

5 Tips For Building Your Business With Email Marketing 

Email marketing may sound a little passé in the age of social media, but this oft-neglected digital marketing tool could be the key to your business’s success. The secret to doing email marketing right is all about your strategy. Ensure that your business is utilizing these crucial email marketing strategies today to really make the […]

Where Should I Advertise Online?

Advertising online can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many platforms that could reach a wide audience, so which is the best for you? We’ve found the top online advertising platforms that you should consider for your next campaign.   Google AdWords   Google AdWords is typically the most popular way to advertise online. […]

The Importance of Author Rank

Author Rank is a little known factor that Google has been looking at for a while now. You have probably seen its effects but you might not have even realised what you are looking at. If you search a topic and see an author and their picture listed alongside the link then you’ve seen Google’s […]

Top Tips To Improve Your SEO

Even if you are getting high praise for your Search Engine Optimisation efforts, there will always be room for improvement. SEO is a constantly changing arena, and regularly critiquing your practices is a great step to make your efforts more fruitful. This guide hopes to fill in some of the blanks that you may have […]

Retargeting to ensure that leads turn into goals

Online business is similar to offline business in that a lot of people tend to go windows shopping. This might be because they want to see recent developments, or it might be because they want to compare what their options are. Regardless, potential leads do not always convert into customers during one online session. This […]

We want to enhance “our knowledge of our customers’ needs, wants and attitudes”, say 52% of marketers  

A 2016 digital marketing report of over 1,100 marketers from around the world, has shown that the most pressing priority for digital marketers in 2016 has been to make sure that they know more about their customers’ needs, wants and attitudes. This indicates a quickly changing consumer base and an industry trying to keep up. […]

Handy Tips for Enhancing Your Social Media Engagement

Social media networks have proven to be one of the most effective marketing tools, but building up your follower base is not as easy as it might seem. What’s even harder is to keep the people interested in following your accounts and doing business with you. The following tricks can help you enhance your social […]

Basic Branding Tips for SEO

BRANDING is an incredibly important, and somewhat elusive, aspect to get right for a successful business. This is no less true in an online marketing environment. By evolving a brand, you can develop it into a focused message that can be conveyed online much more easily. This, ultimately, lets you as a business connect with […]