Reach Your Target Audience
Where They Spend Their Free Time!

YouTube is one of the most visited sites on the internet today. With millions and millions of different videos on a wide range of different topics, there’s something to entertain everyone.

Many people spend their free time on this site instead of reading news stories or watching TV, because the videos are short and quick to watch – it’s ‘bite size entertainment’. In addition, the YouTube App has made it easier for millions of users across the globe to search and access videos on the go.

In short, YouTube is an advertising platform you can’t afford to ignore.

How does it work?

YouTube display advertising is the banner that shows up at the bottom of the video screen, or to the right of the screen in a desktop view. Depending on the size and placement of the ads, they can contain different combinations of text and image. You can also sponsor a video and place a video advertisement before or after, only paying when someone watches at least 30 seconds’ worth. Ads link back to your website – either your home page or a specially created landing page.

You can place ads on videos tagged with broad subject areas, specific subtopics, or particular keywords. This allows you to direct your YouTube advertising campaign to your target market, based on their location, interests and viewing patterns. This means you make the most of your advertising budget and get the highest possible return on investment.

The three forms of YouTube advertising are in search, in display, and YouTube partner videos. Your consultant at SEO Agency will be able to explain the features of each and how they may benefit your business.

Why choose SEO Agency?

The team at SEO Agency have decades of combined experience in online marketing. We know how to plan and carry out cost-effective online advertising campaigns, including YouTube advertising. Call 6270 2193 and speak to a consultant today about how YouTube advertising could boost your business.