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Search engine optimization by the professionals in Singapore. Our SEO services will boost the visibility of your business and gain you more customers than ever before. No matter what the size of your business is or what industry you’re involved in, our SEO packages are tailored to deliver the best results for you.

SEO Agency’s Top SEO Services

Enterprise SEO

Do you want to have an effective marketing campaign? Find out the advantage of using an Enterprise SEO strategy for your company.

Local SEO

Local SEO uses a wide range of techniques and methods to improve your business’ visibility on local search rankings.

National SEO

National SEO involves a long-term investment that expands your approach across the country.

International SEO

Suppose you cater to customers in different countries with different languages. In that case, International SEO...

Pay on Performance

Are you looking for the best pay-on-performance SEO strategy for your company's website? Find out more here about how our premium services can benefit you.

SEO Copywriting

Our bespoke SEO copywriting service will yield you an optimised website and more customers. Find out more about our offerings here.

Video SEO

Do you need help with utilising video SEO for your product or service? Discover more here about how we can assist you in your digital advertising campaigns.

Mobile SEO

Do you want to gain more traffic on your page? Learn how mobile SEO can help in growing your business in this digital era.

Ecommerce SEO

Are you searching for the most cost-effective and long-lasting marketing strategy for your online shops? Find out our competitive E-Commerce SEO services uniquely designed...

Shopify SEO

Are you still searching for the most effective marketing strategy to increase sales on Shopify? Click this comprehensive Shopify SEO guide now!

Magento SEO

Boost your sales with the best Magento SEO strategies implemented by Singapore's Top SEO Consultants.

WooCommerce SEO

Boost your online business' organic traffic and gain new leads with WooCommerce SEO. Catch the best SEO Agency in Singapore and worldwide in this article.

Digital Marketing Services
Geared To Deliver

SEO Agency creates targeted SEO strategies, which maximize your website’s potential, resulting in maximum online exposure. We drive traffic and customers to your site.

With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Australia, SEO Agency is Asia’s largest web marketing firm. Backed by a team of experienced, strategic, technical and creative specialists to drive digital success for your company. Our technical and content teams will optimise your site using meticulously researched and chosen key phrases, ensuring top SEO results, which will enable your website to attract a significant increase in targeted traffic.

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As Singapore’s leading SEO company, we are able to offer custom tailored campaigns to
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When it comes to SEO, no one can match the skills of our SEO professionals. They will develop an SEO campaign that will bring more traffic to your site, maximise your conversion rates and put more cash in your pockets!
The only way to see what is going on is to scrutinise your site and your competitors to see what works and what doesn’t. Your site must have content that offers real value for your customers and search engines. Our SEO team offers the best content in the industry.

Whilst SEO forms the basis of most digital marketing campaigns, we also offer our clients a wide range of complementary digital services, including pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and web design and development.
Unlike many smaller, less established SEO firms, SEO Agency’s digital strategists have the capabilities and expertise to organise multi-faceted campaigns designed to achieve your desired outcome, whether it includes SEO, or a combination of online marketing strategies and services.

SEO Agency Digital Marketing Services


75% of users never scroll past the first page on Google, Baidu and Yahoo. We get your website to the front page, where you can make an impact on your customers.

Google Ads

For every $1 invested in Google Ads, businesses make an average return of $3. If you’re looking for a way to boost your sales, our powerful Google Ads campaigns are the answer!


The average Facebook user checks the platform around 8 times a day. If you want to capture your target market, advertising on Facebook is the way to do it.

Google Display Ads

We increase your conversions by advertising and retargeting through Google’s Display Network.


Advertising on LinkedIn can reach over 500M active professionals online. Our specialised campaigns can help you tap into the strongest B2B network out there.


75% of Instagram users take action, like visiting a website, after viewing a brand’s post. We can assist you in putting your best foot forward to maximise conversions.


WeChat is an absolute goldmine for sales potential with its 902M active daily users. Tap into the thriving Chinese market with our targeted WeChat advertising.


74% of people better trust a business with positive reviews. Improve and repair your reputation with our Reputation Management expertise.


A visitor who develops a positive emotional bond with a premium website is near 8 times more likely to become a customer. Why? Trust.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is the process of optimising a website in relation to relevant and frequently searched key phrases so that the website achieves a higher ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). In short, when a potential customer enters the key phrases into major search engines such as Google, the website should appear on the first page of the results.

A high SERP ranking puts your website front and centre of potential customers who are actively looking for the products and services that you offer. This increases your potential to lifting traffic levels to your website significantly and in turn, bringing in more leads and sales.

As the leaders in the field of SEO in Singapore and across Southeast Asia, you can count on SEO Agency to boost the visibility and digital presence of your brand.

Happy Clients

Good result for our website after a year and definitely renewing our contract with them. This is by far one of the best SEO company having tried out 4 companies for the past 6 years.

~Bernita- Moove Media


~William P.

Can't possibly ask for more - Khairul is very efficient on his work, thanks all!

~Haron T.

The First Page Team we work with are extremely enthusiastic about our brand and are passionate about helping us achieve our digital objectives. They are professional, knowledgeable and proactive, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

~Anna D.

All of you have been prompt in getting things done. Thank you.

~Catherine .

Professional, responsible and responsive agency to work with. Definitely will recommend to others. Thanks.

~Yean Y.

Your services are professional, timely and efficient!

~Maggie C.

Your services are professional, timely and efficient!

~Maggie C.

As Global Digital Director, I'm very pleased with the excellent support from Shane and Abduh's team. They have been super helpful since we've embarked on our SEO journey last year. Keep up the good work!

~Chavy G.

As Global Digital Director, I'm very pleased with the excellent support from Shane and Abduh's team. They have been super helpful since we've embarked on our SEO journey last year. Keep up the good work!

~Chavy G.

We see results and we are happy that the marketing side of things are being looked after by professional like yourself

~Jeannie S.

Good and am happy

~JC S.

overall satisfactory but a bit expensive

~Shiang L.

Staying bcoz of what Remy is doing

~William P.

It's good. Everything going as per the plan. Hope to see excellent results too in future.

~Zafar Z.

So far results are good. However, as we are resellers using for reports. It will be helpful if feedback by my clients in cruncha can be directed to us instead of to SEO Agency:)

~Nelson N.

Very professional and well follow-up.

~Jasmine S.

So far so good. V Happy with Desiree :)

~Azi C.

The campaign has just started. I have given a job some time ago and I was quite satisfied with what you have done. I believe your company will definitely do a good job this time also.

~Ahmed I.

Great so far

~Juan S.

Our consultant is clearly very knowledgeable and has done a great job teaching us.

~Vanessa S.

Gagan, our account manager is wonderful to work with. He is precise, understanding and proactive.

~Rennie L.

Good response and follow up with our needs.

~Samantha L.

the search ranking of based on the my selected keywords has definitely improved. Would love to hear how to improve traffic to my site base on other keywords. Perhaps you can work on that

~Mak S.

It was rather professional although the staff recruited to work on our assignment resigned after 2 months.

~Nicole W.

Florence was great at handling our problem. Only matter is that it happened over the weekend, and given that, we were only able to resolve on monday. But was done quickly and efficiently on monday morning.

~Yannick D.

It has been great working with SEO Agency. Consultant clearly understand our expectations. Keep up the good work! Thank you.

~Anthony L.

alex Loh is amazing. PLease promote him and double his salary.

~Meng K.

So far so good, prompt response and delivery of work.

~Samantha L.

Good so far. The campaign has worked thus far as we are seeing a continual increase in rankings.

~Neel D.

SEO Agency is attentive to our needs as a small business and easy to work with. Most importantly, they produce results!

~Terence C.

SEOagency have good understanding of what they are doing.

~Tyson .

Efficient and prompt follow up

~James L.

Value for service

~Lionel L.

It has been very good, helpful staff, and great content.

~Yannick D.

Our Results Are Guaranteed

SEO Agency is one of the most trusted names in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. Backed by a reputation of success and guaranteed services that drive results, we will deliver the results you want.

With a team of expert technical specialists behind the wheel, we offer our 90-day ironclad guarantee, utilising state-of-the-art web marketing strategies and SEO Services, delivering tangible results your business expects.

SEO Agency provides access to our exclusive analysis and 24/7 reporting system. Our reports are custom designed to show you, in the simplest way possible, what results you are getting. We avoid verbose qualitative reports, instead using clear graphs and tables to clearly outline everything from your website’s traffic levels to search engine rankings for each keyword that is being targeted. We offer competitor comparison so you can track how your rankings compare with your competitors. With SEO services unrivalled by any of our competitors in Singapore, rest assured you are making the right choice when you choose SEO Agency.

Our SEO Methodology

Our best and honest SEO practices generated quality traffic to our client's websites resulting higher conversions and strong ROI

Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis is SEO’s core task which involves determining most popular words and phrases among people using search engines for you to understand better which keyword has the highest demand.

The initial step of our process involves the analysis and comparison of keywords of your interest and that of competitors. Our SEO experts will accumulate the gathered data and utilise the most appropriate SEO tools to help you generate more keyword options. The result of this step is a list of keyword segments for you to choose from efficiently and conveniently.

Make your business stand up from the competition by determining the best strategic keywords for your website’s content. By crafting content that satisfies both your clients and search engines, you may acquire knowledge regarding how prospective clients search for information, services, and products similar to yours.

Although you may already have an idea in mind, you still need to consider if your audience is searching your content. After coming up with your keywords, we can help you look for keywords that most people search for related to your product.

Using helpful keyword research engine tools, you may discover the average monthly search volume of similar keywords to your preference. As you enter these in a keyword research tool, the tool uncovers a search volume of various common keywords, queries, and topics for your content that is relevant to your keywords of interest.

Note that during the process of discovering relevant keywords, the search volumes of your keywords is noticeably varying. Having said so, you may want to consider targeting terms with lower search volumes as they can give you more advantages as being far less competitive. Further learning about search volumes can help you prioritise keywords and choose those with the biggest strategic advantages.

A keyword analysis is a huge part of search engine optimisation, as it can help you be updated to the dynamic search landscape and produce targeted content that draws the right traffic to your site.


Keyword Assignment

Once you have generated keywords from your interests and the competitor’s targets, you should now have targeted keywords categorised based on factors like products and services. Now, we can identify where to place your keywords.

Keywords are essential for search engines to locate your website and boost your ranking, so you need to decide properly as to where you will place them.

As part of the process, we can help you figure out where your keywords should be assigned so that you can create the perfect balance that does not overemphasise or underemphasised your keyword.

For starters, page titles work great to be the starting point for placing your Keywords. Being the technical part of SEO, placing your keyword on the title can already give your audience the interest as the idea becomes visible for them to take interest and click your website to view your content.

Another good place to place your keywords would be on the Meta Descriptions. As part of the search results entry below the title, it becomes feasible for readers to read the content related to their search coming from the gist of your content from the generated result on the search engine. Meta Descriptions make it easy for search engines like Google to determine the relevance of your content to what people search for.

On the other hand, subheadings also work great for your content to have minimal pauses for reading each part of your website’s content. By placing your keywords on subheadings, you can help readers identify the relevance of your content.

Apart from all the parts included in your website, keywords are best optimised on your webpage’s content. Content is the top SEO ranking factor, so it is important to strike a balance, so as not to hamper your chances of having the best rank. To give you a clue as to where you can best place your keyword, we suggest that you first use your keyword in the first sentence within a paragraph within your content.


On Site SEO 

On-site SEO Content Optimisation: On-site SEO is the practice of optimising your web page content for search engines and users to use. This usually includes optimising title tags, content, internal links and URLs.

Our SEO Expert can help you optimise elements in your website for you to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic from search engines. This will involve optimising both the content and HTML source code for your page.

We don’t merely interpret page content, but we help your audience quickly and easily understand your web page. Using our effective on-site search engine optimisation, various search engines will come to understand your page through your audience’s perspective so that you can reliably serve your customers high-quality content about a keyword generated.

Keywords are known as content topics. Not only should you consider the right keywords for your website, but you also need to have search engines to understand your content to improve your ranking. Moreover, search engines are now more sophisticated; they can identify your page’s meaning by using synonyms, context, identifying the frequency for specific word combinations mentioned.

Rather than focusing on the exact keyword match to boost your page’s ranking, we help you focus more on relevance. That is, by identifying how relevant your content is to your user’s intent, we can help you implement less keyword repetition and placement, and more understanding for your users behind search queries.

By knowing of such, you can make content that is best suited for your needs. To implement an on-site SEO Optimisation, we can help you have both text and HTML-based changes. More so, our team can assist you to produce in-depth content, wherein you need to have content that is thorough enough to have a good rank on search engines, and content-friendly, wherein you produce content that is readable and navigable, without any necessary ads or links.

To gain trust for your potential market, we can help you create unique content that is authoritative, trustworthy, and aligned with your goals.


On Site SEO Content Optimization
& Development

On-site SEO is the practice of optimising your web page content for search engines and users to use. This usually includes optimising title tags, content, internal links and URLs.

We can help you optimised your content using the various SEO tools and factors that we have. We work hand-in-hand to make sure that you get the best options for the right situations. And here are some ways we can properly optimise your content.

After you searched Optimising your content involves optimising keywords on every page of your website. You can start by targeting keywords in the first 100 words of your content. Our team can help you to identify where to place your main keyword in the first 100-150 words of your article. It is important because Google put more weight on terms located earlier on your page.

Another way to optimise your content is to wrap your blog post title in an H1 Tag. H1 tags are important to help Google understand your page’s structure. Moreover, most platforms would automatically place an H1 tag to your blog’s title. Furthermore, you can also try to see your site’s code and check if your title is wrapped in H1.

Keyword Frequency should also be optimised so that you can ensure that your keyword appears fairly in your content. Our SEO experts can attest that using your keyword multiple times can help, especially with improving your ranking. 

Another efficient way to optimise your on-site content is to write and produce unique content. Finding unique content is not just formed by simply rephrasing your topic, but making sure that you don’t repeat the same words already present in other websites on search engines.

When it also comes to content, make sure that you produce something valuable. For your content to be noticed and be one of the top-ranked, you may make the most out of your content by applying strong writing skills and adding more essential details and findings to your content.


On Site Internal Link Optimisation

Placing internal links in your content can help you boost your rank, as it makes it easy for Google to locate your webpage if they are linked to other web pages on the web.

Internal links are links that go from one page of your website to another page on the same website. Both users and search engines utilise links to find content on your website. Your audience uses these links to navigate through your website. Without links, any search engine cannot rank your content.

Google finds your posts and pages best when they link from somewhere on the web. Therefore, we can help you set internal links that will connect your content and provide Google with an idea for your website’s structure. Furthermore, they can also help you set a hierarchy on your website and allow you to give the most important pages and posts more link value than other, less valuable, pages.  So, utilising the proper internal linking tactic can boost your page’s SEO.

Through internal links, you can allow Google to discover content on websites and to rank your content among others in search results appropriately. Moreover, internal linking is within your control as the owner of the site. You can guide your audience and the search engine to the most important parts of your website.

We are aware that it is essential for your site’s SEO to evaluate and improve your linking strategy regularly, by adding the right internal links, you can be certain that Google understands your page’s relevance, relationship, and value.

To help you further have a clear idea of how internal linking works, we can guide you through the process, which involves determining your site’s ideal structure, deciding which is the most important content is, adding contextual content, and linking hierarchical pages. On the latter part of these aforementioned important process, we can help you add a related post section, followed by adding navigation links and taxonomies, as well as adding links to popular or recent posts.


Advanced Off Site SEO Optimisation and Link Building

As opposed to on-site SEO, off-page SEO takes place outside your website and requires non-standard links from other sources to boost your business site’s ranking.

Preparing our site for link building will ensure readers that you have a well-thought strategy for the links you sent to them. Moreover, links are useful for Google to determine your web page’s value.

You can start by making a layout for your internal pages. Optimising your internal pages can make a huge difference in your overall rankings. This will include interlinking your pages by making use of random keywords.

Take note that the quality of your links overrule quantity. Reducing the number of links in your internal pages can help you enhance SEO efforts.

The next thing that you can do is applying basic on-page SEO.  Many authority sites no longer dominate top organic listings because of neglecting on-page SEO.  For Google to rank your landing highly, you need to consider that you developed and applied all SEO knowledge for your landing pages.

Moreover, you can also choose some thematic keywords that will serve as great building blocks for your content campaign. You can achieve this by making use of Keyword research. However, not all keywords are created equal. If you want to have an improved likelihood of driving organic traffic to your website, it’s best to focus on related keywords to your particular subject.

On the other hand, external links to related pages are helpful for Google to identify your page’s topic. It will also show Google that your page contains quality information. Concerning this, websites with external links were found to outmatch sites that do not contain them.

More than that, you also need to optimise the URLs used for your SEO. Although this is an underrated part of SEO, the terms in your URLs are now being utilised by Google on search results. Therefore, URLs are currently more important than we had then unexpectedly known beforehand.

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