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4 Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

03 Mar 2016

Statistics indicate that 64% of shoppers who watched an online video ad are more likely to buy the product they saw advertised. This is only one of the benefits using videos in your marketing strategy may bring to your business. However, these great results can be achieved only if you use this tool correctly.

Today we will explain what mistakes must be avoided when planning and implementing your video marketing campaign.


#1 Making videos without developing a plan first

Making a video that doesn’t mean any strategic purpose is a waste of time and money. In order to be effective, this piece of visual content must fit seamlessly into your marketing strategy and enhance a certain aspect of it, for example branding.

Tip: First set a goal, then, develop a video that will help you reach it.

#2 Not branding your video

A catchy and interesting video that people will remember is an efficient marketing tool. However, it won’t bring you much credit if the viewers don’t remember your company. Branding must be integrated into the video in such a way that it will stand out and be memorable in its own way.

Tip: Hire an experienced professional video crew. These people know how to use logos and other relevant branding pieces in the most efficient manner.

#3 Making long videos

An online video must be short in order to load easily. According to various studies, the vast majority of internet users close the video after first 10 seconds if they aren’t ‘hooked’, so your pieces must be short and highly engaging from the first second.

Tip: Research different social media requirements regarding posted videos and develop pieces optimized for these networks. For example, Instagram only allows 15-second videos.

#4 Creating a video with multiple messages

Do you want to say that your brand is reliable, introduce a new product, or commend your top employees? If you want to achieve all these goals with a video, you will need to develop a separate piece for each. A short marketing video can be effective only if it’s completely focused on a single message.

Tip: To use your resources more efficiently, choose the objectives for videos very carefully. As making a quality piece is rather expensive, you should resort to this method only for the messages that must make the strongest impact on the customers.

Use marketing videos wisely

Including videos in your marketing campaign can provide you with stellar results, but only if you develop the right kind of videos. Create pieces focused on a single message that will help you achieve clearly defined goals.

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