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#OfficeInspo: 5 of the Best Office Spaces of 2017

08 Dec 2017
The role of an office has changed in the modern world. It’s not simply a place where people go to work their eight hours and leave — more and more offices are providing their employees with facilities such as gyms, nap zones and leisure activities.

An office can’t function without people, much like a company can’t function without its employees. For this reason, any changes made to increase the wellbeing of staff will be mirrored in the output of productivity and morale.

Showing people that they are valued and being looked after results in less sickness, higher retention and better performance in general. Happy and healthy staff are the foundation to a thriving, sustainable business, and this starts with a happy and healthy working environment.

If you’re in need of some ideas on how to revamp your office space, have a look at some of these stunning offices designed this year. Each example makes use of beautiful decor and innovative design to create an inspiring working environment.

Viva Wallet – Athens, Greece

Electronic wallet company Viva Wallet completed their striking office earlier this year. The space blends comfort and functionality with an emphasis on coworking, seen in the use of both open and closed areas.

Using light colours and natural materials, the office has a warm and airy feel to it while focussing on fun elements — workers can use a caravan as an informal meeting room, or relax on the hammocks nearby.

Comet Meetings Office – Paris, France

Comet Meetings rents out spaces in its building for company meetings, seminars and workshops. The space has fourteen seminar rooms and large common areas featuring charming, kitschy decor.

The office showcases a variety of vintage furniture as well as a range of objects themed around space, including a 2-metre high astronaut.

Movember Office – London, United Kingdom

London’s Movember office offers up an extremely flexible and laidback vibe through its design. With a focus on coworking, the space combines a mix of upcycled and new furniture with fun, colourful decor to encourage creativity.

Cool detail: the moustache-themed ornamentation, as well as meeting rooms named after famous moustaches like Freddie Mercury and Tom Selleck.

Firstcry Film Office – Shanghai, China

The unique office of Firstcry Film mirrors the medium that the space plays host to. The design makes use of cutaway “wall frames” to mimic that of a film being shot. Decor consists of panels with the names of directors’ first films on them, paying a homage to the name of the company, as well as camera lenses affixed in a grid formation on the walls.

While the design is largely monochromatic, splashes of pink are dotted about the office to add contrast and points of interest.

CUA Office – Melbourne, Australia

The CUA member’s lounge is an innovative space equipped with movable walls and portable furniture, as well as a variety of seating options, hot desks, boardrooms, quiet rooms and charging stations for devices.

The space is warmly lit, cosy and inviting, and encourages employees to recharge or focus on getting some work done.

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