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There’s a popular sentiment that once content is online, it’s there forever and there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s not necessarily true! If you have found harmful content about you or your company on the internet, you are not powerless to fight back. Removify is here with services that help mitigate the damage done by malicious reviews and negative content.


The advent of “keyboard warriors” and online trolling has made the internet an unfair place to be. The good news is, you can fight back against trolls, malicious competitors or anyone who means to harm your reputation with Removify at the ready. We’ll help balance the scales and put the power over your online presence back in your hands.


Removify takes down negative content of many types from a vast scope of websites. From Google reviews, to TripAdvisor, Glassdoor and even Google search results – you name it – we have what it takes to get it taken down quickly, wherever it’s found.


Eliminate Fake Reviews

Online reputations can make or break a business. With the power of online reviews stronger than ever before, the risk posed by leaving unfair reviews online is too great to ignore. A whopping 93% of local customers use reviews to evaluate whether a business is good or bad, and if your star rating is suffering, so will your business before long.


Patrons and consumers have the right to share their opinion online. This doesn’t mean that all reviews are fair – in fact, some are entirely unreasonable or even fake. If you’ve found reviews that appear to be illegitimate, there’s absolutely no reason to let them smear your reputation and deter customers. Just Removify it!


By engaging Removify to take down your unfair or fake reviews, you can effectively restore consumer trust in your brand. Wherever the offending reviews can be found, you can count on Removify to take them offline and help clean up your reputation in the process.


De-Index Harmful Google Results

What kind of results appear when you Google your name or business? If you have discovered a harmful URL on the first page of your Google search results, it can have a disastrous effect on your reputation.


For businesses, each negative first page Google result puts them at risk of losing 22% of their new customers. Meanwhile, individuals risk losing new employment prospects and damage to their personal reputation. Is leaving the result visible to all those searchers worth the cost?


It might seem like a dire situation, but don’t worry! By enlisting Removify to quickly de-index the search result from Google, you can decimate the harm done to your company or yourself. With the help of our fast content removal services, you can rest easy knowing your reputation will be repaired with guaranteed results.


You Only Pay If We Succeed

Discovering hurtful online content is stressful enough without having to fret about trying to remove it yourself. By coming to Removify, you’ll have a team of content removal experts handling your case to alleviate the burden with expertise and the utmost professionalism.


Using carefully-honed strategies on a case-by-case basis, we eliminate negative content to give you the opportunity to enjoy fair online representation again. Keeping in close touch with each client throughout the process, you’ll be sure to see real results quickly.


Removify’s content removal services are risk-free. Why? Because if we aren’t successful in achieving your goals, you don’t pay. That’s our guarantee! You can have complete confidence in our team to get the job done, so you can restore your reputation with ease and peace of mind.


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