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Social media will rule digital marketing now and in the future

18 Mar 2016

With some 31% of global population owning smartphones today and the annual growth projected at about 3%, digital marketers will increasingly focus on this segment. Smartphones are significantly impacting browsing habits across the world. This trend also brings into focus the growing importance of social media in digital marketing.  Fewer people would want to read through a wall of text to find what they want.  This is also an area where the likes of Facebook and Twitter score over other forms of content marketing.

Old world marketers relied heavily on two important aspects – visuals and word of mouth spreading. Even today, with all the technological advances, a customer recommending a brand to another customer has the greatest value. This age old value has been skillfully integrated into the social media and that is precisely the success mantra behind the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Twitter will soon be launching what they define as conversational ads.  We need to wait a while before this is rolled out to understand how it will impact digital marketing. But, one thing is for sure that twitter is here to stay and keep growing.  And, why not? Today, twitter is the only platform that provides the facility of such crisp, short and quick messaging. The 140 character limit is all set to be expanded to as much as 10,000 characters. If you thought this is crazy, you should wait to see how intelligently twitter is going to present this feature.

Mobile video

Mobile videos are already taking the markets by storm.  Digital marketers are already on their heels to service this segment. The rules of the game are different and the 30 to 60 seconds which is traditionally the time for TV ads, is not available for the mobile markets. Therefore, creativity becomes the watchword and everything has to be packed in just under 10 seconds. The attention span on mobiles is significantly shorter.

These videos are also rendered for vertical viewing which is what most viewers like.  Obviously, the mobile video space is witnessing a flurry of action and marketers are scurrying to develop strategies and seek technologies to tap the full potential of this ever growing medium.  Ad blocking which has gained some traction on the desk top space will be another concern for digital marketers. If, and when that happens, whether the mobile videos are rendered horizontal or vertical will pale in significance.

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