What is SEO?

SEO comprises of specially selected keywords and phrases and the optimisation of website content. The objective of this process is to improve SERP (search engine results page) rankings, pushing your website above your competition and increasing your business’s visibility.

Search Engine

There are a number of factors, both on-site and off-site which affect how SERP rankings are assigned. The on-site includes the design of the website, title tags, links within the site and content on the page. The off-site involves building the sites domain authority and establishing credibility through backlinks from external sites, citations, social media, online directories, blogs, reviews and unaffiliated sources.

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Search Engine and SEO

The Search Engines algorithms are updated constantly, always seeking ways to improve the search results and help users find what they are looking for, both quickly and easily. Algorithm refinements affect websites in different ways, making SEO a continual process of anticipation, and adjusting and refining; however the concept remaining the same.

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Search Engine Marketing
is a Dynamic Process

It is our job as SEO experts to get to know your business and make all of the best techniques work for you with a customised SEO campaign. However, with the ever changing search engine optimisation algorithms, changes are made every year making it an evolving process. Continuous refinement is crucial to sustain long-term success and accommodate the various changes made by the Search Engines.

Stay at the Top, above your Competition

On-Site Work
  • Making sure your site is cohesive and easy for the search engine bots to crawl. This involves streamling your sitemap and website structure.
  • Creating keyword-rich content, including relevant details that give your website authority.
  • SEO Agency will add content links to your site, which generates enough linked pages to give your site credibility in the eyes of the search engine.
  • Updating and improving your site’s title tags with targeted keywords will increase relevancy.
  • As a result of SEO Agency’s canonicalization process, bots will be able to read your website as intended.
Off-Site Work
  • SEO Agency will create high-quality backlinks which help increase your website’s authenticity with the search engines.
  • Enhance your business’s credibility by allowing our performance media team to develop a social media campaign.
  • Leverage authoritative sites to create off-site citations, which reference your website and business.
  • Refine and include your business in directory listing on non-affiliated websites, further enhancing your web presence.

Keyword Research

It’s critical to remember that keywords must be completely relatable to your actual website, and not just be included for the sake of attempting SEO efforts. Search engines are smart enough to identify attempts at “tricking” their system and, as a result, will take measures to ensure your site does not rank. Choosing keywords that are thoroughly researched and strategic will drive traffic to your site and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Nearly a quarter of keywords are refreshed each day, making it critical that businesses ensure their SEO is up-to-date and conduct meticulous research. To make this procedure easier, SEO Agency practices utilising keyword clusters, the combination of including variations of core phrases. For example: aircon service will be near other related terms, such as quarterly aircon service, aircon service provider, aircon service singapore.

Create Content for Humans and Robots

Your website content must be related to your company and its services or products. Written text on any website should be insightful, relevant and include the keywords and phrases of focus in the SEO campaign. The structuring of sites may need to be altered to align with the strategy, by adding pages to include the researched key phrase to stregnthen your SEO campaign. With this level of attention to detail, it ensures bots have ample content to crawl and increase your chances of improved rankings.

budget under control

Don't overdo it

If you overuse keywords in your content, it will give the search engines the impression of spam. In recent years, algorithm updates have allowed search engines to be better at recognizing when a keyword has been inorganically added into the content, and site punishment is the likely result.

Understand that what cannot be seen by the user, is just as important as what can be seen. Proper coding procedures ensure sites are structured in a way that is beneficial to the overall index. Essentially, search engine systems should be able to easily scan your page without hiccups—a matter that can be successful with the implementation of a well-structured and accurate sitemap, rectifying issues with canonicalization, and ensuring the right pages will be indexed.

Ensuring all these components are in place, you will experience a big positive difference in your results.


A comprehensive and thorough backlink structure is vital for increasing credibility of your website. Search engines use backlinks in inspections by deeming them as authoritative voices—evidence that your website can be trusted.


Keeping an active presence on social media will convince search engines that your website is relevant. Relevant Social Media outlets include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Search engines choose to reward dynamic websites, therefore, using Social Media to give the impression of being up-to-date will help your SERP rankings.

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