5 Singaporean Influencers You Need to Follow This Year

It’s common knowledge that Singapore has no shortage of inspiring influencers and bloggers to follow. The social media influencer industry has exploded over the past several years, particularly over Instagram.

This comes as no surprise: in 2017, 63 percent of connected consumers used Instagram in Singapore, with 35 percent of users belonging in the 25 to 34 age range.

If you’re in need of some influencer inspiration or some fresh content on your Insta feed, read on to find out which Singaporean influencers you should be following this year.

1. @bellywellyjelly

bellywellyjelly’s feed is great because it covers so many topics. The blogger, who also has her own site at bellywellyjelly.com, posts about travel, fashion, beauty and health, to name a few.

2. @nicolechangmin

Nicole Changmin is a well-known Instagram influencer with 36.4k followers. She also has a strong YouTube presence and her own blog. She has a fun, colourful Instagram feed with a focus on fashion, friends, her dog, boyfriend, and beauty.

3. @mongabong

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Mongchin Yeoh’s friendly charm makes her a delight to folllow. She posts primarily about fashion and beauty, with some posts devoted to her upcoming wedding.

4. @xiaxue

Xiaxue is a self-proclaimed blogger/reality star/mermaid. She’s well-known for her YouTube beauty channel and her funny, cute posts about her family on Insta.

5. @carriewst

Actor Carrie Wong’s feed is graceful and elegant, yet filled with cute content. She posts a lot about fashion, fitness, friends and general daily musings.

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