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How Link Building Can Boost your Website


There are several techniques to build effective SEO content, and link building is one of the major aspects which should never be missed. If you own a website and you haven’t used link building strategies yet, you might be missing out on huge potential business. With link building strategies, you can produce effective and high-quality SEO marketing campaigns to help your business succeed. First Page Digital is one of the many businesses that offer these services and guarantees to produce effective marketing content for your website. 

What is Link Building?


Link building is an effective strategy that allows web pages to link to each other by using hyperlinks from other websites, which are then used to your site. It can help customers navigate to different web pages on the internet and can also help search engines crawl to the pages of your website. There are several ways to create and build links. With the proper knowledge of link building, you can have the advantage of being ahead of your competitors.


Link building can help you get better search engine placements. If you have several links that point to your content from other relevant sites, then this means that search engines can trust you to have relevant content. Link popularity is not only based on the number of links alone. Other relevant factors are the relevance of your links and the quality of your links.

Benefits of Link Building


Link building has been proven to be an effective strategy for search engine optimization and offers multiple benefits for your website.

Generally, the popularity of your blog or website is based on the number of inbound links. The number of inbound links from other websites can be a big factor in determining your Google rank.


If you are creating your website or blog, it is always recommended to focus on link building so your website can gain more exposure on search engines. Incoming links that come from an authority website are rewarded in Google Search. An effective link building is not about creating unlimited links, but rather on getting genuine links from other reliable websites.


Below are some of the benefits of link building on your website:

  • High-quality incoming links mean your site will be admired as a valuable resource

  • Link building also helps in getting indexed in search results quicker

  • More visibility of your blog in search results

  • Receive traffic from other websites linked to you

Link building can be used with 

several strategies, including:

  • Guest blogging

  • Epic videos

  • Writing epic content

Directory submission

  • Write pillar content and inform bloggers

  • Infographics

  • Dofollow social bookmarking websites

  • Dofollow blog comments

There are other strategies that content creators follow, but if you own a niche site, it is always recommended to create an effective plan for link building.

How are links created?


Links are very important in link building, and you have to know the proper way of creating them. A link tag is composed of four parts that work together to make the entire unit. Every part has its own function within the link.

The beginning

The first part of your link is also called the anchor. It opens your link tag and tells the search engine that there is a link that leads to other sites following it. This specific part of the link can be identified by an “a.”

Link referral location


The referral location will show where the URL is leading to. It can be to another website, a downloadable file, or an image. This part of the link can be identified with an “href.” If it begins with a #, it tells that the link points to another section of the same page.

Visible text of the link

This part of the link is composed of a small portion of the text which users see on the page as they click the link. It usually stands out from the rest of the text in some way. It also often appears to be blue and underlined to show that it is a link that can be clicked.



This part of the link tells search engines that the link is complete.

How Link Building Helps Businesses

Link building effectively increases SEO ranking and provides several benefits for your business. Below are some of the ways how link building can help your business:

Builds relationships

When you create links, you can reach out to other businesses and relay information about your promotions and activities related to your business. Besides improving your link when reaching out to other businesses, you can also create long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial for both of you. 

Referral business

Creating strong links can improve your traffic to your website and can also improve your ranking. If your site is linked to other relevant websites and is often visited, it can drastically boost the sales of your business. Furthermore, these sales can also turn into repeat customers, which you can take advantage of in the future.

Brand Building

Creating an effective link building can help promote your brand. It can show that you are an authority within your field through the links to other relevant content. It can also promote the expertise of your business as well as the strengths of your services and products.

Effective Strategies to Get other Pages Link to you

Below are some of the tried and true strategies that allow other entities to create links to your site:

Submit your news for press releases and submit your site to directories

Create compelling content that people will want to link to and reference 

Get links from friends, partners, and other people you know

Put your products and services where influential people will see them

Link building is an ongoing strategy and process that you need to focus on. Always review your traffic to ensure that it is redirected from a specific site and build further links with them. Ensure to link to several pages of your site and not only to your home page. Take note of all the sites that you have contacted for link building and aim to work on more. The most important thing is to create high-quality content so relevant and authority sites can trust you enough to link with you.

Final Takeaway


The overall structure of link building is organic and constantly changing, so it is very important to master it and be willing to create changes if needed. As long as you create content that is worth linking to, all the effort you put in building links can be very worth it in the long run.

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