Get your ad right in front of your target market where they’re spending their free time

Unparalleled custom targeting

With the largest network of active users of any social media platform, Facebook offers unparalleled reach for businesses. Around 3.5 million Singaporeans and more than 1.2 billion people around the world log into the service every day, making it the premier social media marketing destination for companies looking to reach a mass audience both at home and abroad. Choosing to harness the extensive marketing services offered by Facebook, your business can target your customers more effectively than ever before, seeking out the people most likely to find value in your product or service.






Choosing to have your Facebook pay-per-click (PPC) campaign managed by our team puts you at the cutting edge of device-specific advertising. We are able to focus your campaign on the devices your target audience is using to access Facebook. Understanding your audience’s device behaviour will influence your ad design and overall Facebook advertising strategy. Whether your customers access the service via their smartphones, tablets or desktop computers, your ads will look beautiful, relevant and persuasive.

Increase your online presence

Adding a Facebook marketing strategy to your digital marketing efforts adds depth and dimension to your online presence. The service’s mass appeal and ease of use means that it can be a fantastic tool for onboarding new customers, communicating with members of the public and serving ads where people are already spending their time. With Facebook ads, not only do you raise the profile and reputation of your brand, you can enhance your reputation and significantly grow your site’s traffic by bringing in users by driving clicks to your website. Best of all, Facebook marketing solutions are delivered instantaneously and provide a great way for businesses to take strong, confident first steps into a new market.

budget under control

Interact and Engage your audience

Facebook has greatly enhanced the options available to advertisers in recent years, allowing you to convey your message with images, text and videos, giving you options in how and when you reach your audience. The plurality of advertising methods means our performance media team can deliver ads perfectly suited to customers’ time constraints, attention span, and current focus, and can offer additional design services which can provide you customized cover images to help your business Facebook page stand out.
Invest in the future of your business

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