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SEO agency did a really good job in providing full site audit report and
recommendations needed to move our SEO rankings. Definitely will be
working on a long term basis.

~ Max Guardian

Pandas And Penguins Attacking Your Site?

Let Singapore’s premier SEO team help your website recover from recent Google algorithm updates

More data = better intelligence

Google is continually updating their algorithm. To understand the algorithm updates and their impact on your website, having quality data is essential. SEO Agency serves hundreds of clients locally and thousands of businesses across the globe through our international affiliates. We can decipher and accurately determine the changes needed to help your rankings bounce back by using non-identifying data from our thousands of campaigns.

Our Experts will Help You Bounce Back

Our experienced technical specialists understand the depth and complexity of Google’s algorithm. They are equipped and ready to work on your website when it needs recovery and can leverage the expertise of our affiliates overseas when handling especially challenging cases. We pull out the stops to get your campaign back on track again.

Demonstrated success in sustainable campaign growth

Through the years, our recovery services have helped hundreds of clients recover and sustain through Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. We use smarter link building strategies and fresh, quality content updates, all part of our leading search engine optimization service. Our team goes above and beyond to forecast future trends and changes to help our clients’ campaigns to keep growing.

Penguin Recovery starts,

with a comprehensive audit and links analysis, covering everything from anchor text patterns to link pattern analyses. Penguin algorithm updates can not only affect websites with domain longevity but also can affect newer websites. We will share our detailed review and let you know what has gone wrong and how we can fix it.

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To help clients who have been hit by frequent Panda updates dating as far back as 2011, we deploy a thorough research process to provide benchmarks for quality content. Panda updates target websites with poor-quality and thin content and have a severe impact on many English-language sites within the Asia Pacific region.

We write quality content for your site

Start the healing process and get your rankings back to where you want them by calling SEO Agency experts at +65 6270 2193. Recovery is possible!

🐧 What is Penguin?

Penguin algorithm focuses on the backlink profile of your site. In the past, unnatural links used to be bought by smaller businesses to manipulate their page’s ranking in the search engine. Now, the Penguin algorithm is being rolled out to detect these unnatural links and subsequently penalises the site. In order to recover from Penguin, you need to identify and clean up all the unnatural links pointing to your site.

🐼 What is Panda?

Like Penguin, Panda is also an algorithm rolled out by Google. While there are plenty of ranking-impacting algorithms, Penguin and Panda are two of the most widely-known ones. The main goal of the Panda algorithm is to demote “low-quality sites” with thin content, duplicated content and more. If Panda considers your site as low-quality, you will be removed from the top of the results pages.

🤔 How Can SEO Agency Help My Site Bounce Back?

With experienced technical specialists in-house who understand the depth and complexity of Google’s algorithm, SEO agency is always equipped and ready to help your campaign get back on track. SEO agency has a proven track record of success and strong familiarity with the two algorithms. Hence, you can definitely rely on us to map out the steps your site needs for a full recovery.

With many years’ experience delivering results in the
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