Show what you have to offer to over a billion users. Our YouTube advertising management packages allow you to target people around the world, reaching them where their attention is most focused. Singaporeans are some of the most frequent users of the service, watching on average 12 minutes more YouTube videos than customers in the US, making it the ideal tool for local businesses looking to reach new customers. Whether your customer base is at home or abroad, we can help you speak to them in a way they’ll understand.

Use a variety of ad options to creatively present your message


Video Ads are displayed on the pages of search results in YouTube. You are only charged when a visitor clicks through to your site from your ad.


Your Ad is displayed on the right of the page of a video a YouTube visitor is watching. You are only charged when your ad is clicked on.

Partner Videos

May be displayed prior to, during or after a video is streamed on YouTube. You are only charged when a visitor continues to watch after 30 seconds of your ad.

budget under control

Don’t just tell them,
show them

YouTube campaigns give you the opportunity to show potential customers what you have to offer. With creative, clever and dynamic ads that are targeted to the right people, you can entice them to choose your company and make a purchase.
Harness the power of the world’s biggest streaming service

SEO Agency brings a depth and breadth of digital marketing experience to every one of our projects, helping organisations of all sizes achieve their business goals with engaging and cost-effective campaigns delivering a great return-on-investment. Find out more about YouTube’s opportunities today and get in contact with us at +65 6270 2193