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Developing a Web Design Colour Scheme: 5 Tips to Consider

10 Mar 2016

The layout of the page, attractiveness of the visuals, and readability of the fonts aren’t the only factors that matter when it comes to developing your website design. The importance of the colour scheme for your success is greatly underestimated yet, it’s the colours that determine how attractive the page actually is to customers.

Scientists have proven that our emotional response to different colours varies, so you have the power to evoke the reaction you seek by influencing your customers through this tool. However, before you start choosing the best colours, you need to understand the theory behind developing the most effective combinations of shades.

The colours of your choosing must effectively interact on three different levels:

  • Complementation.
    The relationship between different colours. The best choices are those that come from the opposite ends of the spectrum.
  • Contrast.
    The most important factor to consider when choosing the colours of background and text as contrast reduces the strain on the eyes.
  • Vibrancy.
    Determines the emotion behind your design, for example, bright colours trigger positive emotions and optimism while darker shades are more relaxing.


Tips for Developing the Right Colour Scheme


The following tips will help you create a website design that will definitely enhance your marketing strategy and help your business succeed:

  1. Less is best.
    Multicoloured pages can actually hurt the eye, so you should limit your enthusiasm, even if you are creating an ultra-positive and motivational page. An occasional splash of colour can be welcome, but keep the overall ‘tone’ of your website minimalistic.
  2. Too little isn’t enough.
    Minimalism is good up to a point, and determining this point is the reason why you should hire a professional and experienced designer. Not adding enough colour to your pages will make them look bland and uninteresting, thereby reducing your chances of keeping the readers’ attention.
  3. Play the contrast.
    Not only does contrast increase the readability of your pages but it also catches the eye of the reader, making your deign stand out in a good way.
  4. Be intense.
    Dark or ultra-bright colours can give your page the intensity it needs to be truly memorable. However, they must be used sparingly as too much intensity will cause a sensory overload and make your readers seek relief for their eyes.
  5. Look to nature for advice.
    The colour schemes we find most ‘pleasant’ are the ones we witness when admiring the beauty of nature. Draw your inspiration from it and you are sure to succeed.
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