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Digital Market Trends To Watch in 2016

14 Jan 2016

2016 looks to be a big year in the world of digital marketing. With the expected introduction of new technologies, tools and online platforms that will completely transform the industry, businesses will need to adopt innovative strategies to utilize these resources effectively. In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of digital marketing, it’s important that your company takes advantage of the latest technologies to stay one step ahead of the competition. Here are our predictions on what the New Year may bring for the online marketing industry.

Video advertisements 2016 will see a major shift towards video advertisements as a key marketing platform. While audiovisual advertising is not a new concept, there looks to be a major rise in this interactive marketing method. With Google finally backing in-SERP video advertising, our newsfeeds may soon be filled with audiovisual advertisements. Jump on this bandwagon early to ensure that your business remains competitive in the current digital age. Quality content The way in which search engines interpret digital content is rapidly evolving. As algorithms become more advanced, there will be a greater emphasis on content quality. In 2016, it is important that you focus on readability and user experience when developing content and your website. Mobile marketing To stay ahead of the competition, you need to market your brand effectively across multiple online platforms. In a digital world that is increasingly dominated by tablets and smart phones, it is essential that your business has a user-friendly, mobile website. This year it is predicted that mobile traffic will continue to rise above desktop traffic. Following Google’s algorithm update to phase out websites that are not optimised for mobile devices, it is becoming increasingly important that businesses adapt their marketing strategy in order to maintain their high search engine rankings. This will see an upsurgeance in mobile marketing schemes across the spectrum in 2016. Digital marketing is an evolving industry that has an undergone a massive transformation in the last couple of years. By keeping on top of the latest online marketing trends, you can dramatically increase your web traffic and conversion rates from last year. Hit the ground running in 2016 by updating your current digital marketing campaign today. Leave last years mistakes behind and embrace modern technologies that provide new and improved ways of reaching your target audience.

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