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Emerging Trends in Video

09 Jan 2015

As we settle into the new year, we’re contemplating what’s in store for online video in 2015

Videos rose to the forefront of the digital arena in 2014. With the growing popularity of mobile devices and the rapid development of social networks supporting video content, video has become prolific. We like to keep a beady eye out for emerging trends, so we’ve hand selected a few of the most important that will be heading our way in the coming year.

3 Video Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2015

1 – Mobile

Almost 1/3 of all Internet traffic is from smartphones and tablets. The popularity of mobile is guaranteed to increase this year with a new wave of camera finesse helping to transform the photography and video industry. For certain, short, punchy videos are here to stay whilst more social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are taking on YouTube in the battle to become the top video destination. Native mobile video ads appearing within apps is also on the rise.

2 – Interaction

Interactive videos offering surveys, games and social sharing buttons will prevail. Creativity and marketing will combine through technologies such as tailor-made plots, live streaming, fan interaction, shopping via video and the fusion of music videos with advertisements as already seen in Activia’s successful World Cup partnership with pop princess Shakira. These technologies stimulate an emotional response, which is vital for brands in driving social activity. Personalisation is expected to dominate 2015.

3 – User-Generated Content

It’s already started. Regular folk are generating compelling visual storytelling, utilising technologies such as GoPro and Hyperlapse to produce mind-blowing content. You’ve all seen the GoPro video of Walter the dog running into the ocean right?

As Fast Company reports, “This is the new media reality … Regular customers have become advertisers on a smaller scale, shooting high-quality video, loading it onto YouTube and social networks, and advertising the capabilities of the cameras to friends, family, and complete strangers.”

User-produced content has the potential to captivate audiences across the globe, and brands such as GoPro know how powerful and versatile it can be. We’ll see them evolve into the user-generated media companies of the future.

The future looks exciting. We’ll be getting to grips with Adobe Premier and VideoPad to stay ahead of the curve in 2015. Take advantage of the new opportunities – before they become standard.

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