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How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

19 Feb 2016

Creating a Twitter account is a must for any online marketing strategy. Millions of tweets are posted every day, and according to surveys, an average Twitter user follows 5-7 businesses. Over a third of them buy from the companies they follow, and this number has been growing over the last few years.

Considering these facts, it’s easy to see why establishing a channel on this social media is a great way to generate leads and enhance customer loyalty. However, taking your first steps on Twitter may not be easy. We compiled a list of tips that will help with your ‘tweeting career’.

Establish Your Company Identity

The first step to creating your account is writing your Twitter bio. It must fit with your overall branding strategy, so try to use the same tone you do for your other media channels. Your company’s ‘personality’ must be consistent to make the overall marketing strategy more efficient. The bio also needs to be optimized. It should be short (160 characters), concise, and informative. Add as much useful info as possible, and don’t forget to include a link to your website. Your business account’s name should be catchy and memorable.


Listen to Your Prospective Customers

Market research is a vital step in for any business plan, and it’s the same for Twitter. Before you start writing messages of your own, you need to learn what your prospective customers like to read. You should also look into how other businesses are using their accounts to boost sales. There is a specialized Twitter search tool that helps track relevant conversations as well as find your competitors.

Interact with Your Followers

At first, about 80% of your Twitter actions should be focused on building your follower base. Therefore, interactions offered by the platform are essential. Retweet relevant posts of influencers you want to establish a relationship with, favorite posts of the followers you already have and those whose attention you are trying to draw, reply to every comment. Use tracking tools to learn what your customers say about you and offer comments and replies to their tweets.

Develop a Consistent Content Marketing Strategy

Your tweets should be a part of your overall content marketing campaign. Using a Twitter calendar will help keep your updates regular, which will enhance customer loyalty. Creating great content to market through your account is extremely important as people need to know they will learn valuable info if they follow you. We can help you create content that will engage prospective customers and make them loyal to your brand.

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