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Making the Most of Your SEO Traffic

15 Apr 2016

Getting a solid handle of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital aspect of modern business. Making your brand visible on search engines and becoming your own industry ambassador can be regarded as a golden ticket for businesses. However, ticking all of these boxes will never guarantee success – that comes with new business. Unfortunately, with so many people bellowing about SEO, it can be hard to remember that it should be one small part of your sales totem pole. Generating traffic is mighty important, but making use of that traffic to effectively garner sales is the end game. So here are a few tips to help steer all of that traffic in the right direction.

Provide A Simple, Targeted Landing Page

SEO is a fantastic tool that can help your customers find you using some pretty specific searches. So, be sure to create a web page that is directly targeted to your audience. Make this specific message as blatant as can be – let them know they are where they need to be. Highlight the key benefits and features and how it will remove any pain from their lives. Keeping it focused will ensure that the right customers will proceed to learn more or even make a purchase.

Bring A Balance To Keep The Real Potential

One of your main tasks when guiding your traffic is to ultimately create a rapport, sense of trust and loyalty between you and your customers. In order to do this, providing useful information helps a great deal. However, all of that free content needs to do something for you. It is crucial that, although you are offering up some great content for them to view, you keep them in your pool of potential sales. Create useful Call to Action’s – sign them up for a newsletter for more information or to let them download a white paper. Much of your traffic will fail to follow through and sign up, but it will effectively weed out the hopeful prospects from the hopeless.

Create Trust For Loyalty

Being able to offer up a sleek landing page with great content that is free helps build up trust between you and your customers. By doing this, and building rapport with them, that trust will grow. Offering up facts and testimonials about how your service or product can help will be believed if you give your readership a reason to believe you. The more you work on this, the more the trust will cultivate itself through social media outlets and personal reviews.

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