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Social Media — Is It The Answer to Digital Marketing?

06 Jan 2016

Whether it is Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Tumblr they all boast the same thing – millions and millions of members, growing rapidly every day.

People from all walks of life, professions and geographical points of the globe are using social media on a daily basis. They rely upon it for communication between friends and business colleagues as well as for gathering information and keeping up to day with current events.

So it only makes sense that advertising on this media platform will bring you more customers in a timely and frugal manner.

Facebook has streamlined advertising for all users.

Facebook is constantly improving its tools for digital marketing.  Their latest release is called ‘Custom Audiences’. This allows companies to target their audience drawing on information gathered from online enquiries and purchase history.

Not only do existing customers receive advertising material in this manner, but their friends do as well. The theory behind this is to presume that when a customer buys a product, they talk about it with their friends, who in turn may consider purchasing, especially when they see the same advertising programme on their social media. Further to this, special loyalty offers can be made in the future to continue receiving their patronage.

Local events and promotions

The same philosophy can be applied when compiling an invitee list for a company promotional or sponsorship event. The same list of customers and potential customers who ‘liked’ your Facebook page can be easily and efficiently sent an invite to the upcoming event, with an agenda and highlights of the day explained in some detail.

Retarget Customers

With this same Facebook program you can target the customers who visited your website, registered but failed to complete an online order. This gives you an opportunity to regain the customer’s interest either with a promotion or multiple buy discounts.

Which social media is right for my business?

Good question….no easy answer. As you may have already realised advertising is moving away from commercial television in droves. The exorbitant costs and lack of ‘next generation’ audience are mainly responsible for this. Social media has become the place for marketers to concentrate their efforts.  Luckily for the wise business man, there are experts in this field that can streamline a productive advertising campaign that suits the company’s needs, while staying abreast of social media.

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