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Some of the Amazing Tech Innovations to Hit Singapore

25 Feb 2016

By now, you’ve heard the news that Google is setting up an engineering hub in Singapore. As exciting as this may seem for the local economy – after all, think of all the extra jobs – you may be wondering what this means for you and your business.

With the tech boom well and truly kicking off in the Lion City, we want to help you make the most of the search engine giant coming to town. The boom is great news for your ROI and your productivity. We’ve looked at some of the ways you can harness some of the best, newest and most innovative technology to hit our shores.

When Google landed in Singapore, they were impressed by the amazing technological innovation that’s happening here – and this is no surprise, as Singapore is in the middle of the fastest growing population of internet users in the world, with millions more connecting each day. So, let’s have a look at what sort of innovations are happening in the tech world.

Get Ready for Pie

With Google’s appearance, they’ve brought with them news of a big app acquisition to boost workplace productivity. Based in Singapore, Pie is a work chat app that mimics other instant messaging services to provide your employees a quick and simple communication tool – one that declutters their email inboxes and leads to simplified project management. It’s the search engine’s first app acquisition in Southeast Asia, but definitely not their last. Keep your eyes open for more workplace tools that will join Google’s stronghold in coming months.

Virtual Hong Bao

Around the time of Chinese New Year, local companies were taking to the net to allow people to send virtual red envelopes to their loved ones – that’s right, Alibaba, Tencent and WeChat helped users send about a billion e-Hong Bao around Singapore, China and Hong Kong. The lucky recipients would receive a notification and, upon opening their red packet, would be gifted with some cash.

What other physical things will be translated to the digital world in coming months? With the tech world just shaping up in Singapore, we’re excited to find out more.

Advertising through Facebook Messenger

If you don’t already have a Facebook presence – and you don’t tend to your page with good quality, shareable content as well – you’ll be missing out on what the social media giant has in mind next. Facebook has recently announced that it might be adding an advertising feature to its Messenger app. This is big news as it means you’ll be able to remarket ads to customers who’ve contacted you in the past, catching the attention of people who you know are interested in you already.

This feature is only available for businesses who are already active on their Facebook pages – so make sure you’re replying to customers quick smart and you’ll be able to send them strategically targeted ads.

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