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Good things come in small packages, and Singapore sure doesn’t fail to deliver on this for entrepreneurs. We have an inviting start-up culture that growing businesses are absolutely in love with. If you’re looking to bring your innovative idea to market, Singapore is where it’s at.

The diverse culture and a great work hard, play hard attitude are just a few reasons why Singapore breeds success for companies. If you’re a business wanting to expand internationally and you don’t know where to start, Singapore’s your man. Singapore encourages entrepreneurs and companies from every corner of the planet to join in and create something that will one day take the world by storm.

In particular, the tech industry is booming at the moment with many vibrant companies setting up shop. One of these being Viddsee, a platform that enables users to watch and share short films from across Asia along with Pirate3d who are pioneering the development of 3D printers. The diverse culture creates the opportunity for businesses to seek out employees with a variety of strengths and talents who can bring new and innovative ideas to the table. Many other companies have used Singapore as a platform for expansion, like SnappyFit, the one-stop fitting room service where you can try before you buy.

Serious kudos to Singaporeans for our foresight and ability to stay hot on the pulse of commercial trends. We are becoming increasingly recognised for our ability to stay at the forefront of innovative business projects. We are commended by visitors for our incisive commitment to improving the customer service experience (think customer feedback machines on the back of restroom doors). If there’s one thing the world can take from our business mindset, it’s the “customer is always right” value that we uphold.

Our government also provides ample funding for partnerships, helping businesses achieve success whilst providing low taxes across the board. Simply put, it’s more financially viable for businesses to make their mark in Singapore. The positive, progressive attitude of our locals makes it a very attractive place for daring entrepeneurs to take a chance on a new business venture.

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