We want to enhance “our knowledge of our customers’ needs, wants and attitudes”, say 52% of marketers  

A 2016 digital marketing report of over 1,100 marketers from around the world, has shown that the most pressing priority for digital marketers in 2016 has been to make sure that they know more about their customers’ needs, wants and attitudes. This indicates a quickly changing consumer base and an industry trying to keep up.

In second place, 43% of digital marketers have said they want to focus on integrating different technologies, whilst collecting, managing and linking data is a pressing concern for 42% of marketers.

It’s not surprise that marketers are still trying to keep up with the changing needs, wants and attitudes of consumers. Even before digital marketing, marketers were constantly racing to ensure they could keep up with what customers wanted to see. Marketing is, by its very nature, an industry in constant flux and has new factors being added daily.  Trying to make sure that they know what consumers want means they need data, and getting data can sometimes be difficult.


Social media means more opportunities for big data

However, with the boom in social media users and exposure over the past decade, this has become easier and easier. Social media platforms now allow for users to select their own interests and interact with the wider community to share their needs and attitudes. For marketers, this means that they can tailor their marketing campaigns to fit these customer profiles; if they have enough data about them.

Businesses need to understand their customers

The harder part for marketers is making sure that the content they produce is really targeting those customers. In the same survey, it was found that 93% of marketers will personalise their communication to ensure higher levels of interaction. One way this is being done is addressing either individuals or groups with their advertising, or appealing to certain fashions or opinions.

Businesses need to let customers feel involved

Social media means that customers are able to feel increasingly involved with the brands they come to support. The ability for two-way communication between companies and customers, leads to room for criticism, response and improvement. Many marketers have adopted this more interactive method and the positive response by customers has led to the associated companies being seen as more reliable and trustworthy.

Social media looks to be the way forward for marketers around the world. With more and more companies joining the social media sphere, the competition looks to become fiercer. Making sure companies have as much reliable and useful data is of the utmost importance to ensuring their success.


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