Where Should I Advertise Online?

Advertising online can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many platforms that could reach a wide audience, so which is the best for you? We’ve found the top online advertising platforms that you should consider for your next campaign.



  1. Google AdWords


Google AdWords is typically the most popular way to advertise online. They offer PPC, or pay per click for ad campaigns which allows you to set your budget. This platform allows you to create text, videos, or image based ads that contain the chosen keywords that will target the appropriate audience. You are also able to be very specific with where your ads are displayed allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.


  1. Facebook Ads


Facebook ads are a mecca for small businesses. This is due to their effectiveness as well as their ease of use. Facebook typically works in Pay Per Click fashion, but you can also add videos or images to the ad so you can still get exposure, views or likes, without having to pay to implement these additions. This organic interaction is an added bonus, especially if you are on a tight budget.


  1. Twitter Ads


Advertising on Twitter used to be just for the big guys with big dollars. But in the past year, Twitter has launched a much more affordable advertising plan for smaller businesses to take advantage of. You can now advertise promoted tweets, trends and Twitter Cards, or even allow for purchases to be made without having to leave the platform.


  1. Bing Ads


Bing Ads works very similarly to Google AdWords as it is Microsoft’s version of online advertising. While, you will be marketing to a smaller audience, you will pay much less than you would with Google AdWords. For those who are budget conscious, this is a great way for affordable exposure.


  1. 7 Search

7 Search is a much smaller platform in the advertising industry, yet they are still effective. You will notice their low costs immediately; they provide much higher ROI’s than their larger competitors. Needless to say, 7 Search is on the rise.


  1. LinkedIn Ads


For those who are in B2B, this advertising platform is just for you! LinkedIn can serve up highly targeted ads to professionals and businesses alike. Advertising on LinkedIn is more expensive, yet the money spent is wisely due to the highly specific targeting provided.


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