5 Tips For Building Your Business With Email Marketing 

Email marketing may sound a little passé in the age of social media, but this oft-neglected digital marketing tool could be the key to your business’s success. The secret to doing email marketing right is all about your strategy. Ensure that your business is utilizing these crucial email marketing strategies today to really make the most of this potentially powerful means of communication.

Engage with your customer from the start. Your email’s subject line is probably the most crucial aspect of your entire email marketing campaign. This one little line will decide if the email’s content will be seen at all, so it has to be good. Engaging with your recipient by asking them a direct question in the subject line is a great way to grab their attention. Don’t be afraid to trial out different subject lines for the same email on separate recipient groups – it’s a valuable way to see which copy strategy works best.


Link your channels. Your email marketing should be connected to every other aspect of your business’s digital marketing strategy, so ensure that all of your platforms are linked in some way. For example, email can be a great way to alert subscribers to a new blog post on your website, while your website is the easiest place to remind readers that they can click to sign up for a newsletter.

Don’t go overboard. A relentless barrage of emails from your company will make the customer feel like they’re being spammed. If the content isn’t useful, the email probably isn’t necessary. Keep your email marketing to a schedule and avoid overloading your audience, or you’ll risk irritating the very people you want to attract.

Stay out of the spam folder. The email spam folder is an email marketers worst enemy. It’s where your carefully crafted newsletters will go to die, so do everything you can to avoid being categorised as spam. There are plenty of red flags that will mess with your deliverability stats, so be aware of them. Stay away from bright colours like red, dollar sign symbols, any words that refer to money or earning, too many links, and symbols in general. It’s also an absolute necessity that you include an unsubscribe link somewhere in your email to give your reader the opportunity to opt out.

Track your data. Metrics are an important tool in growing your business, so don’t forget to use your mailing service provider wisely in order to track your data effectively. Keep an eye on how many people are opening your emails, the number of clicks generated from each email, the conversion figures, and the overall revenue generated from your email marketing campaign.

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