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Try These SEO Tips To Get Better Rankings For Your Website

03 Nov 2020

The Google algorithm is constantly changing, so it’s vital to keep on top of your website’s SEO to avoid being left at the bottom of the pile. Use these tips to ensure that your customers are finding your website today.

Speed up your site.

This tip has nothing to do with keywords or any of the factors you may normally associate with SEO. It’s all about the speed of your website. If your site is running slowly, visitors are less likely to want to wait around to see what you have to say. Google automatically downgrades website with slow server speeds, so make sure all unnecessary plug-ins are removed from your page and that any clutter is cleared away.

Don’t get caught up in keywords.

In the past, many site owners chose to focus on keywords in order to improve their ranking. In reality, this strategy won’t make you very popular with your audience, or with Google. Write useful content that offers value to your reader and keeps your audience in mind, instead of the search engine. Flooding your page with keywords will only warn Google that you’re in it for the clicks, not to provide real value.

Build up links with other sites. If you want to rank well on search engines, it’s important that other sites link to your page. Creating clickable, shareable content is the best way to achieve that – it’ll encourage other bloggers to share your posts because they believe you’ve created something truly useful for their readers, as well as your own. Producing quality content and making connections online is the best way to achieve this goal. You should also include links to other relevant sites within your own blog posts, but make sure they’re trustworthy links that serve a purpose.

Guide Google with your URL.

When you create a blog post on your website, the URL may automatically show up as a series of numbers, rather than a hyphenated set of words that describe the article. Edit your URL so that it’s easy to search, connects with the page in question and is simple for your audience to read.

 Keep the content unique.

Even if you create new blog posts or pages on your website that aren’t directly copy-pasted from another, you need to keep the copy completely unique. Simply re-writing content isn’t enough – it needs to be truly different. Maintaining a consistent content schedule and brainstorming fresh ideas for pages and posts will help your site rank more highly.

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