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SEO: It’s Not an Obstacle But Your Best Tool

26 Oct 2020

You’ve bought a website, got your business inventory or services listed, and you’re now waiting for the clients to come through to contact you. If websites are like shops, then SEO is akin to directing potential consumers towards your shop. Without any kind of ongoing SEO, there will – virtually – be no traffic going to your website. Beyond that, SEO is also about creating content that engages potential prospects and makes people want to spend more time on your site.

SEO Makes People Spend Time on Your Website

The more time people spend on your website, the more likely they are going to buy into your product. Content that creates value for the consumer includes those that are intrinsic to addressing their immediate needs and solving the problems they’re facing. Market research has suggested that it takes an average of seven exposures with a brand before a customer makes a decision to purchase. So, having a network of content that relates to a potential customers’ concerns might increase your brand interactions.

SEO Creates Sales Conversions

When Google indexes sites and rates content across sites, the quality information that merges well with your domain and metadata is ranked higher than other less valuable sites. When you engage an SEO expert to tailor your website to search engine ranking improvements, you are ensuring that you website rankings progress over time. Google indexes sites every 48 hours, and checks to see which sites are updated. When you have frequent updates to your website, visitors who consistently receive valuable information might be more inclined to buy into your product offering.

SEO is a Numbers Game

Understanding that SEO rankings are earned over a period of time will help you keep focus. Improving your rankings require consistent link building, content creation, reviews and analysis. As your site builds momentum, the new challenge would be to maintain its current ranking. When you are enlisting a service that you don’t quite understand, especially for one that requires a long term approach, it is imperative that patience becomes your best asset.

Site Metrics Helps You Understand SEO

The conversion rates for your website varies, based on your industry. When you are able to monitor your site metrics, and can see the number of visitors to your site increasing over time, it helps to understand your investment in SEO. A lot of work goes into creating a quality website that compels people to purchase from you, and when you can consult with your SEO expert on looking at the visitors to your site, you will be able to see the visible results of what you have paid for. Remember, time and patience work hand in hand – so, invest in a feasible process with your SEO success partner, and your site might just tip the scales on sales conversions.

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